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Jun 22, 2010

Four Outfits For Skye!!!

Skye likes to wear crazy clothes, as you probably know. =] I really like the pants on this one. Note the folds on the bottom.
I did my best to make the fabric shimmery. Didn't work very well though. =]
 Click Here For Dolls (Skye)
Click Here For The PDF

This one here is a outfit for when Skye goes to New York and plays around in the alleys. She is a detective or spy, searching for the bad guys who killed her father and brother. She eventually finds them, takes care of them, hands over them to the police, and then officially joins the police force.
(I don't think I did well with her pistol!!)

Click Here For Doll (Skye)
Click Here For PDF

This is a summer outfit for Skye. She likes to go to the beach, play volleyball, and this is a good lounging around outfit too.
Click Here For Doll (Skye)
Cliock Here For PDF

 Here is a color it yourself outfit. =]
I wasn't sure how to color it, so I decided just to leave it blank and post it up for you guys to color yourselves.
Click For The PDF
Click For The Doll (Skye)

 I had lots of trouble with this post, so I hope you all enjoy it!! tehe. =]
Let me know what you think.


The poll ended! The highest vote was 'four or more'!!


Monica said...

Let me know if the PDFs aren't working!!