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May 7, 2010

Hello There! I Have an Update for You!

Okay.. so I am not back offically, but I do have some news;

I have updated the Paper Dolls On The Site page. I have added the links of the doll's clothes underneath the doll's name. I did this because I thought one day, I have the dolls there, but no clothes. And who really wants to sort through my 104 posts and find the clothes for the doll that they want? So I decided to do what I did. It took some time on my part, (I actually am not done yet) but it makes it easier for my readers. Also, can you tell me if the links (When you go the doll page) if the page links there are like a pink-sh purple-ish color? Thanks.

I am not sure when I will be posting some actual clothes. I figured out what my problem is; I crop my pictures, so it makes it really big, thus it doesn't fit the doll. What I don't know, (and I can't seem to figure it out,) is how to avoid cropping. So... if anyone knows how to do that..... let me know! (


I have a feeling I won't be back for quite awhile.


Anonymous said...

I do see the pinkish-purplish coloured text in your links! :)

What if you were to upload your paper dolls in PDF format? Would that work better?

Monica said...

I don't know how to upload PDFs on blogger... there doesn't seem to be a way to do that..... Any tips? =] And I don't know how to get my converter to make more than one page PDFs, and it won't take DOC format... Do you know of any converters that do?
Thank you,

Monica said...

And the ones I have up right now aren't working..... Monica lol