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Apr 20, 2010

Paper Dolls, Farewell for Now............. I WILL MISS YOU!!

I have noticed that the clothes for the dolls when you print them they do not fit..... so I have to go through my whole entire 204 posts and re size/upload (ect. ect.ect.) them. So... in that case, that means I will not be posting for awhile.... because I need to re-upload them and then post them again and such. So far It sounds kinda complicated, but I have someone to help me, so when I come back from this world of uploading and editing, I will have paper doll clothes that actually fit the paper dolls. haha

So until then, (I am not sure when I will be back, but it might be awhile,)
Au revoir, (French) Auf Wiedersehen, (German)  sl├ín, (Irish)  addio, (Italian) sbohem,(Czech) and all of those lovely goodbyes. 

Your paper doll-ist, 
Monica ♥


Lady Enigma said...

Oh no!!! :(

I printed one of the dolls, and just manually shrunk them to fit in GIMP..

I'm sorry you have to redo all that!!

I hope you'll come back soon!

Take care, and happy spring!


Monica said...

haha, I know... But not every one has GIMP and the knowledge to do that.... haha

Great to hear that you printed them though!!!

I'm not sure when I'll be back...

Lady Enigma said...

:) I hope you'll be back soon!! Take care of yourself!

Monica said...

Okay, I will try!