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Apr 20, 2010

Paper Dolls, Farewell for Now............. I WILL MISS YOU!!

I have noticed that the clothes for the dolls when you print them they do not fit..... so I have to go through my whole entire 204 posts and re size/upload (ect. ect.ect.) them. So... in that case, that means I will not be posting for awhile.... because I need to re-upload them and then post them again and such. So far It sounds kinda complicated, but I have someone to help me, so when I come back from this world of uploading and editing, I will have paper doll clothes that actually fit the paper dolls. haha

So until then, (I am not sure when I will be back, but it might be awhile,)
Au revoir, (French) Auf Wiedersehen, (German)  sl├ín, (Irish)  addio, (Italian) sbohem,(Czech) and all of those lovely goodbyes. 

Your paper doll-ist, 
Monica ♥

Apr 18, 2010


I won't be able to post today..... sorry again.....


Apr 17, 2010

More Chibis!

Some more chibis!!

This is a school girl and a guy. I like them sooo much! They turned out really good.

Apr 16, 2010

Skye's Summer Dress

Click Here For Doll (Skye)
Here is a simple summer/spring dress for Skye. That's about all I have to say again... I am so sorry.... I haven't been much of a blogger...

This is a simple by-the-beach-side dress, or for a day lying in the fields looking at the scenery. Everyone should have a dress like this.


Apr 15, 2010

Arabain outfit For Skye

This is an Arabian outfit for Skye. At least I think it's a  Arabian outfit... not sure. haha
I have not been very good at posting lately... and I apologize. =]
I had sprained my ankle last Sunday, (4/11/10) And it pretty much has me confined to the couch. = /

Anyway, I hope you like these past outfits for Skye, although not all of them are spectacular.

That's about it, and I have to go now anyway.


Click Here For Doll (Skye)
Click Here for Arabian Outfit PDF

Apr 14, 2010


Hey. Here is a Chibi Mermaid that I made. Cute and good, huh? I think I did quite well on it. Especially since I'm not a pro at drawing chibis of any kind!! But I did get this one book... Manga for the Beginner Chibis: Everything You Need to Start Drawing the Super-Cute Characters of Japanese Comics By Christopher Hart. He is a really really good artist, and he makes drawing chibis really easy and simple. 
Here is another one that I did... isn't she soo cute?! I just want to cuddle her!! 
I will have more chibis for you to look at!

Apr 13, 2010

Arabian Inspired Dress for Skye

 4/13/10 12:23
Click Here For Doll (Skye)

Here is the dress for today. Can't concentrate right now..... later

Three years later I realize that this is not the proper size, so I resized it. Let me know if it doesn't work again.
And I don't know why it has the grey around it.... 

Apr 11, 2010

I won't be posting today.....

I am sorry but my day has gotten away from me and I won't be able to post anything today. : / Sorry guys! I might be able to make up for it tomorrow. (But no promises!!)
Thanks for understanding,

Apr 9, 2010

Spy Outfit For Skye


Click Here For Doll (Skye)
This is a spy outfit for Skye, like the one yesterday. I failed on that post yesterday. Sorry about that. : /

I like these ones. The outfits for Skye are all very good. They look nice, and hopefully I can figure out this problem that make the outfits not fit the doll when you print it. That happened with Fairy Kori. I don't know what's going on, but I am going to ask someone soon who has a paper doll blog, and she commented before, so... hopefully I can get this figured out so you guys can print the dolls. =]

Anyway,  that's about it. I think I will be posting on this Sunday, so... yeah. But I might be a little late. haha


Apr 8, 2010

Blue and Black Futuristic Outfit For Skye

 Click Here For Doll (Skye)

This is more of a futuristic outfit.  I like it a lot. This is one of the better ones for Skye.

This is also the first outfit I have ever made with a tattoo. haha Not that I am proud of that..... I just thought it would have a good effect to the outfit. =] You can cut it off if you want to.
My mind isn't really on this post right now, so I might come back later and update it. Sorry if I don't though.

P.S. (1:00-2:10 Is how long it took to write what I have so far.)

Click Here For Skye's Futuristic Outfit PDF

Apr 7, 2010

Awesome Drawing (not Paper Doll Related

I love this picture. I think I drew it when I was really tired or angry. Not sure. =] But, it's really just a doodle. I still like it.

I know I don't post on Wednesday, but I wanted to post this, so here I am!!

I hope you liked it!

Apr 6, 2010

Roman Dress For Skye

 Click Here For Doll (Skye)
This is another awesome dress for Skye. Set in the Roman times, (I think), It's a nice dress for a day beside the shore, or a evening just relaxing.  Also nice for parties. =]

That sounds kinda like an advertisement, doesn't it? lol

Anyway, I like this dress. It's the first one I drew for Skye.The nice stole thinger, the golden slippers, delicate pattern, formal necklace... I would wear this.

Click Here For Skye's Roman Dress PDF

Apr 2, 2010

Skye's Red Dress

 Click Here For Doll (Skye)
This is a red dress for Skye. It's an Arabian kinda style, I guess. lol I used the hue saturation again.... to bring gout the true color! =]
As I have said before, there will be lots more clothes for Skye. I have a spy outfits, a more futuristic outfit, and a whole bunch more!
I don't have much to day for this dress.... just that I would wear it in real-life...... haha

I have to go....

Sorry that this post is such a bummer....
Monica =]

Click Here For Skye's Red Dress PDF

P.S. I will not be posting this Sunday.

Apr 1, 2010

Skye's Gladiator Outfit

9:02 AM
Click Here For Doll (Skye)
Can't say much now, but this is for Skye.
I got this half from my brain and half from a picture I saw somewhere. lol
Enjoy! (I might be back with more on this outfit!)

Click Here For Skye's Gladiator Outfit PDF