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Mar 14, 2010

More Clothes for Kori!!

 Click Here For Doll
Here are some more clothes for Kori!

A couple ball gowns, a fantasy outfit, and an epygtian dress.

Not much to day today. I am sorry that I am VERY LATE!



Anonymous said...

Hello Monica! :)

I really love how colourful and detailed you are making Kori's outfits --she is one well-dressed doll!

Also, I have put up a tutorial/information page for the browser icon that you were asking me about. Please feel free to check it out on my blog!

I hope it's helpful and answers your questions, if not, do let me know what I missed!



Monica said...

Thank you thank you! You are so nice!
(I have had these drawn for about a year now! =])

Thanks for the tutorial. I have commented on that. =]