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Mar 21, 2010


This is Melanie. I might post more clothes for her. Not sure.
(I had to trace her! I'm sorry!) She is a  great doll and love drawing her clothes. I personally think she turned out great.
I hope you like her.
That's it for now... I'm sorry this post is so short. =]


RLC said...

There's nothing wrong with tracing. That's one of the ways we learn how to draw. The blue and green dress is very nice.

Monica said...

I often go search crazy on the internet and search for any person that's in a pose that I can't draw very well. Then I copy/paste, print it, and then I eventually get around to tracing it and making a doll!
I have been thinking about inking her... wonder if I will? Monica P.S. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I love your work, Im printing almost everything.

P.S. My fav on this is the strapless dress

Monica said...

Oh, thank you Anonymous! So much! I'm happy that you like everything. I really do pour all my talent into what I do. I'm glad you've found me!