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Mar 2, 2010

Lucinda-- the Suggestion Doll

This is Lucinda, the suggestion doll. I might have more clothes for her. Not sure.
If you want more clothes for Lucinda, please let me know.
Lucinda's dress was suggested by Twizzler ( and I did my best... I might try agian.
Recently in my mail, I got a pamphlet with the dress on the front on a doll. It has more details and things, and my version I got from a totally different pic, so not all the details and things are the same.
As I said, I might do more clothes for Lucinda, but I am not sure yet..... they might just pop up someday out of the blue!


Click Here for the PDF
The image got deleted, so use the link above to see the doll.


Twizzler said...

It looks awesome!

Monica said...

Thank you!