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Mar 30, 2010


I had gotten a question a while ago asking where I got my inspiration. Well... I get it from a lot of places;

 These are some of the books that I like to get inspiration from. I also like to go to Google and if I am looking for a specific kind of outfit or style, I Google it. I also get it from music, emotions, what ever I am thinking about at the time. And I also sometimes just do what pops into my head.
These books here are all very very good books for those who like to draw. The two on the left tell you how to draw fairies, animals, and the such. Then the one on the right is how to dress for your shape. It's really good, and it has all of these great hand-drawn pics of models with all these different kind of clothes.
I also get it from random sites. (,, there are a whole bunch more!)



Anonymous said...

This is very interesting --I always wonder where artists get their inspiration from as well! Thank you for sharing!!


P.S. The picture editor I use is called 'GIMP'! :)

Monica said...

Thank you! I have a whole lot more sources too!! (That is just some. =])

I have GIMP, but I am not sure how to use it exactly. I use it for some of my pic. editing on the outfits and stuff, but I can't use it like you did!!
Any tutorials? (Tehe. Will it turn out like the other one? haha)


Anonymous said...

It's actually REALLY really easy!! lol... (no, definitely not like the other one! ;))

Here's what you do: Open up picture you want to edit in GIMP. Then go to Filters. Look for Combine. Then choose Filmstrip. And there you have it! (*aside to Gimp* "Work, you silly thing!)

Monica said...

thank you very much! that was really easy! Thank you again!