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Mar 5, 2010

Fairy Kori

This is Fairy Kori.
She is a fairy with lots of clothes! She had soooo many! There are way more clothes for her! (She's also one of the first dolls I drew. (I traced  her! (tehe)☺) ) you will have to cut slits in between the wings and stuff. You could avtually use tape instead and tape the clothes on. But that might rip the doll.....

Alright. I lumped all the PDFs together instead of putting them on the different posts. So, in short, all the clothes are right here;
PDF #5 (This one has the doll)
PDF #6
PDF #7
PDF #8
PDF #9
Also, the image is missing below. Please do not worry about it. I will fix it eventually.... but not now. =]
 Thanks, Monica

This girl here is the Mandolin Girl! Awesome, right? I love the way I drew her! (That's the first time I ever drew that pose!) I drew her last night, trying to get a totally different pic. But whatever, I like this one too! I was trying to get an electric guitar, but I got a mandolin! haha. (did you also see the gun there?) tehe. I might make her into a doll.... =] Her face isn't as nice as it could be... but whatever. I might even ink her........


Sarah said...

Wow I love this! i had no idea you were such a good artist! =] I consider myself a good artist but I would never be able to get this the way that you did!

Monica said...

Thank you! I actually used GIMP ( to enhance it a little. =]
But I admit, I am a good drawer, and I would love to get better! (there is always room for improvement!) I bet you are good too. =]