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Mar 28, 2010

A Dress From Medieval Times for Skye!!!

 Click Here For The Doll (Skye)
I finally name her! Skye! I think it matches her very well. Anyone who came up with names and didn't get to send them to me, go ahead and send them to me anyway. I might just end up using them!
This is only one of her clothes/outfits/dresses. I have lots more coming, and I really enjoy drawing on her. She is totally awesome, and she has the perfect pose.
I have been thinking about doing the kind of doll that you can draw different hair and poses on depending on the clothes. They are a little more interactive and stuff, but I think it would be fun to do. I might try that one day....... =]
About this dress now. It's a medieval style, and I used the color enhancer on GIMP. ( (The scanner had made it dull!!) Anyway, I think this is a cool dress, and I would definitely wear it! If you have any suggestions for clothes for Skye or any other doll on my site, please feel free to send them to me! ( I am always open to new ideas!


Click Here For Skye's Medieval Dress PDF


Always Me said...

I love it! The sleeves are very cool.

Monica said...

Thank you! I would love to actually wear this!