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Mar 30, 2010


I had gotten a question a while ago asking where I got my inspiration. Well... I get it from a lot of places;

 These are some of the books that I like to get inspiration from. I also like to go to Google and if I am looking for a specific kind of outfit or style, I Google it. I also get it from music, emotions, what ever I am thinking about at the time. And I also sometimes just do what pops into my head.
These books here are all very very good books for those who like to draw. The two on the left tell you how to draw fairies, animals, and the such. Then the one on the right is how to dress for your shape. It's really good, and it has all of these great hand-drawn pics of models with all these different kind of clothes.
I also get it from random sites. (,, there are a whole bunch more!)


Skye's Peasant Dress

Click Here For Doll (Skye)
This is another dress for Skye. I hope you like it.
It is a medieval times dress. (I think). She is a peasant, and she is collecting flowers and herbs to sell in the market.
I really enjoyed making this dress. It took awhile though!
I have lots lots lots more clothes and outfits coming for her!If you have any suggestions, email me at
Thank you for looking, and come back on Thursday! (I will have posted then!)

Click Here For Skye's Peasant Dress PDF

Mar 28, 2010

A Dress From Medieval Times for Skye!!!

 Click Here For The Doll (Skye)
I finally name her! Skye! I think it matches her very well. Anyone who came up with names and didn't get to send them to me, go ahead and send them to me anyway. I might just end up using them!
This is only one of her clothes/outfits/dresses. I have lots more coming, and I really enjoy drawing on her. She is totally awesome, and she has the perfect pose.
I have been thinking about doing the kind of doll that you can draw different hair and poses on depending on the clothes. They are a little more interactive and stuff, but I think it would be fun to do. I might try that one day....... =]
About this dress now. It's a medieval style, and I used the color enhancer on GIMP. ( (The scanner had made it dull!!) Anyway, I think this is a cool dress, and I would definitely wear it! If you have any suggestions for clothes for Skye or any other doll on my site, please feel free to send them to me! ( I am always open to new ideas!


Click Here For Skye's Medieval Dress PDF

Mar 26, 2010

New Doll!!!---Skye

I don't have a name for her yet.... Anyone out there want to shoot me some ideas? If you have any, let me know!!
She might be the main paper doll of this blog. She is drawn very well, I thought, and she is perfect for any kind of clothing. I have plans to give her some spy and Arabian and Indian clothes even. She has a few medieval and fantasy ones too.
I kinda failed on her chest though... and her face is a little smudged because I inked it and somehow it must have gotten rubbed.... But I think she's very good. I used the Hue Saturation on her from GIMP ( and it really made her much brighter/enhanced. The scanner had made dull. lol
That's a bout it for her.... If you have any clothing suggestions for her, or you have a name that might fit, let me know! (you can either comment or email me at

3/28/10     4:00
I officially named her Skye! Monica

Click Here for the Skye PDF

Mar 25, 2010


I won't be able to post today.


Mar 23, 2010


This is Akeela, pure-Hawaiian, and born on 3/12. She' in college and is majoring as a biologist. She has a sister who is seven years older than her, and she is in prison accused of terrorism, and she also divorced her husband. Akeela's father died when she was fifteen. Her brother was shot down in his plane in Iraq.
There you go.
Some excitment for you.
I will probably make more clothes for her. Not sure.
I enjoy drawing on her though.
I might ink tjhis. I still don't know.

Mar 22, 2010


 8:08 AM
I know this is Monday, and I don't usually post on Mondays, but I have to post anyhow.
Ok, I recently got a comment that said that the clothes for Kori were to small. When I made them, they fit her, so it must be the computer. When you get to the page, don't click the post title. Just click the picture. And then under File, you can click print. That's how you print the dolls. The printer might cut off the clothes/dolls. If so, please email me and tell me which ones are doing that so I can fix it. If you have any questions, email me at

=]  Monica

Mar 21, 2010


This is Melanie. I might post more clothes for her. Not sure.
(I had to trace her! I'm sorry!) She is a  great doll and love drawing her clothes. I personally think she turned out great.
I hope you like her.
That's it for now... I'm sorry this post is so short. =]

Mar 19, 2010

Last Clothes For Kori

 Click Here For Doll
Here is some more clothes for Kori.
I am sooo sorry that I missed yesterday! (The first day i ever missed!!) And I am sorry that I am so late today. =]
I will be posting on Sunday. (But it might be a little later than usual.)
This is also the last clothes for Kori. =] If you would like more clothes for her, email me at
Plus you can send me some suggestions if you want!
There is an arabian outfit, and medieval and fantasy;fairy stuff there.
Thats  it for now


Mar 18, 2010


2:49 I'll be late today. =]

Mar 16, 2010

Clothes for Kori

Can't say much now. Later
For Kori.


Mar 14, 2010

More Clothes for Kori!!

 Click Here For Doll
Here are some more clothes for Kori!

A couple ball gowns, a fantasy outfit, and an epygtian dress.

Not much to day today. I am sorry that I am VERY LATE!


Mar 12, 2010

Clothes for Kori

 Click Here For Doll (Kori)

More clothes for Kori. They are more fairy clothes than anything else. =]  I hope you like them. I spent considerable time on them! There is an Indian-ish looking outfit there. Sorry that I haven't taken much time on editing the pics to make them look better. I haven't been doing to well on that subject..........

There is a blog that you should look at;
Aloha to My Life

great goofey stuff on there!
 See you Sunday!

Mar 11, 2010

More dresses for Kori.

Click Here For Doll (Kori)

Kori's clothes are here!

There are some medieval, fantasy, fairy, misellaneous, spy,whatever- you-want-to-call-it peices.

 Hope you like them.

(they don't look the ebst, but whatever. I drew tehse al ong time ago.)


P.S. The red longsleeved shirt there with the black skirt is kinda a spy outfit. I dunno.

I would like to get some suggestions soon from my readers. If you have any ideas of what you would like me to draw, go ahead and send them too me. (my email is

Mar 9, 2010

Kori's Clothes-- Mostly Dresses

Click Here For Doll (Kori)

These are some awesome clothes for Kori.

There are some greek, fantansy and medieval styles in there.

Hope you like it....

Not much goin on.



Mar 7, 2010

Clothes for Kori

Click Here For Doll (Kori)
Ok... these are more fantasy clothes for Kori. =] (yaay)
Uuummmm..... I got some of the dress ideas from The fantasy game. =]

I am running out of things to say.... Sorry I am late... I had to go to church and we ate out and then my mom/sister had the compuet for the whole of the after noon, so I am late. But I am here at least. lol

Super tired, I should go to bed soon......


Mar 5, 2010

Fairy Kori

This is Fairy Kori.
She is a fairy with lots of clothes! She had soooo many! There are way more clothes for her! (She's also one of the first dolls I drew. (I traced  her! (tehe)☺) ) you will have to cut slits in between the wings and stuff. You could avtually use tape instead and tape the clothes on. But that might rip the doll.....

Alright. I lumped all the PDFs together instead of putting them on the different posts. So, in short, all the clothes are right here;
PDF #5 (This one has the doll)
PDF #6
PDF #7
PDF #8
PDF #9
Also, the image is missing below. Please do not worry about it. I will fix it eventually.... but not now. =]
 Thanks, Monica

This girl here is the Mandolin Girl! Awesome, right? I love the way I drew her! (That's the first time I ever drew that pose!) I drew her last night, trying to get a totally different pic. But whatever, I like this one too! I was trying to get an electric guitar, but I got a mandolin! haha. (did you also see the gun there?) tehe. I might make her into a doll.... =] Her face isn't as nice as it could be... but whatever. I might even ink her........

Mar 4, 2010


This is Sabra. Sabra is a poor young woman of nineteen. She lives in a small one-room cottage, and has makes baskets for a living. When she is not weaving baskets, she is mending clothes.

That's a wierd little thinger I wrote about three months ago when I drew her. I think it's actually pretty good.... but the paper had gotten wrinkled..... =[

The hood is really good....

You notice something? She , Sabra,  is the same figure as Jewel, but with clothes already on!

She isn't a paper doll... There arn't any today.... Sorry guys... I will have one tomorrow though!


Mar 2, 2010

Lucinda-- the Suggestion Doll

This is Lucinda, the suggestion doll. I might have more clothes for her. Not sure.
If you want more clothes for Lucinda, please let me know.
Lucinda's dress was suggested by Twizzler ( and I did my best... I might try agian.
Recently in my mail, I got a pamphlet with the dress on the front on a doll. It has more details and things, and my version I got from a totally different pic, so not all the details and things are the same.
As I said, I might do more clothes for Lucinda, but I am not sure yet..... they might just pop up someday out of the blue!


Click Here for the PDF
The image got deleted, so use the link above to see the doll.