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Feb 13, 2010

Jewel's Fantasy Outfit #9

Click Here For The Doll (Jewel)
Hey sorry that I am late! My siter and mom had the computer the whole morning.

Then I had some do some chores. lol

I recently got a converter. It converts JPG (and a whole bunch of other files) into PDFs (And a whole bunch more different things). It's really cool. I have quite a few of my pics converted, but I don't know how to get them onto the blog. Any tips? IF you have any, just post them in the comments page or email them! =]

By the way, the deadline for the contest is MARCH 11 (THAT WOULD BE A THURSADY) So if you were planning on entering, you would want to do that soon! If I do not get more than 3 contestants, then I will abort the contest and the doll will be posted for all to see. (which wouldn't be bad....)

Now, about the dress! lol
It's an egyptian dress, and I am not sure if the bangles will work..... um... You will have to use a sharp Xacto knife or something to cut the head part and the arms. This isn't one of my favorite dresses for Jewel. But, whatever.

I have lots more dolls on the way!