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Feb 8, 2010

Jewel's Fantasy Outfit #5

YAAY! My homeschool co-op is canceled!!! I am so happy!
Here is another outfit for Jewel.... I like it, do you? lol
As I promised, here is my watercolour..... not good at all. I don't know why I siad I would post it... but a promise is a promise, sooo...... here is a not very good watercolour. It's supposed to be an ocean scene.... lol. I used my new watercolour pencils on it..... I still need some practice! lol
I gotta run!


Always Me said...

Lol, so I guess the co-op wasn't likely to be much fun. I always preferred when we went to museums with my homeschooling group myself.
I have some watercolor pencils myself, but I haven't been brave enough to use them yet. I mostly just look at them in wonder. It's ok to post stuff you're not thrilled with, I think it makes the next one that much better. Did you rub water over the pencil drawings to make it run together like that?

Monica said...

haha.... It's ok... I just wasn't thrilled to go to my research paper class. lol
Yes, I used a wet paintbrush to make it run togther. I forgot to tape my paper down to the table, to it wrinkled like that. =]