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Feb 28, 2010

Ceanna's Second Double Deluxe!

Click Here For Doll (Ceanna)

6:30 AM
Here are the rest of Ceanna's clothes. Enjoy!

2:25 PM
Yo! Do you like any of those? haha
Just wanted to say;
Those of you who have voted in the poll to the left, those of you who have clicked Time Periods, could you please tell me specifically what time period you want by either emailing me,  ( or you can say in the comment part.

Thanks, Monica

There will be a special Tuesday!


RLC said...

I love the poncho and the pink dress reminds me of what I used to think the most beautiful ballgown would look like... I went through quite the pink phase when I was younger.

Monica said...

haha! Thank you so much! I appreciate your comments!
I drew these about a year ago... when I still didn't quite have the shading apsect down. The poncho has always been one of my favorite ones. Plus I like to draw it!
I have been posting a lot of my older dolls recently... I should probably post some newer ones....=]