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Jan 28, 2010

One of Three - Phoebe

This is Phobe and some of her clothes. I made her last year waaaaay back. lol
She is a set of three, her best friends, Stacee and Michi are coming tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. So, come back agian!
Phoebe is 13 years old. She likes to do anything, including bunjee (Is that how you spell it) jumping. She likes to go white water rafting too. She is saving up for a trip to the Grand Canon in California.
Her birthday is June 24th.
She plans to work at a national museam when she is old enough to get a job. She is part Canadian/American.

I hope you like her, even though she is one of my older dolls. =]
Please feel free to send me some paper doll outfits Ideas, or a paper doll that you have made. (I might even post it if you want me too!)
There is a new poll all the way down at the bottom of the blog!!