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Jan 16, 2010


Hey, people!
I have to say some things;
1) I will not be posting for awhile, because my computer has a virus and I do not have access to my pics to email them to myself. If I did, you would already see an outfit (Or doll) on the page. So, I will not be posting for while.
2) The only reason I am here right now is because I am using my brother's Mac Book Pro. =]
3) The other reason I cannot post pics on is because I do not have my pics on my brothers computer.
Soooo, there will be nothing for a couple days..... =[
So, (I know I am repeating myself,) just go and look at the other dolls and outfits and things. Do not hesitate  to email me some doll ideas, or outfits, and make sure to vote in the poll to your left.