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Jan 19, 2010


Click Here For The Doll (AJ)
Hello! I am back!
Ok, I told you guys that my computer was down. It had viruses and other stuff on it. Well, the lady we took it to said that she might have to save all the files and things onto her little hardrive thinger, and then clean out the whole computer! But, she didn't have to! We got it back last night! I am so happy now!!! (but now it is green. We still need to fix that!)
This is an outfit for AJ. It is a summer outfit. (A swim suit cover-up, even though I don't have a swim suit for her!) =] this is the first outfit that I used my new coloring pencils on. I think it turned out rather well. I had designed this a loooooonnngg time ago. A really long time ago!! I also decided to put flip flops with it to 'enhance the experience'. lol
Thanks for looking and sorry for not being here a couple days.... but I couldn't help that. =] haha
Do not hesitate to send me dolls and clothes suggestions. Shirts, pants, dresses, swim suits, skirts, blouses, ball gowns, costumes, things from the 60's, 70's 80's, 90's Renaissance times, medieval times, ancient times, egyptian times, uummm... anything you can think of. Even fantasy things. Like, fairy stuff. Saris, and anything you can pretty much think of. I will take hand-drawn things, (just so it is clean and has enough detail, and if you want color, you will  have to color it, or you could just say; "red, purple and yellow put where ever you want", kinda thing.)   I will take pics off of Deviantart, photobucket, anywhere. Thanks so much and I hope I get some suggestions soon. I am quickly running out of ideas and need your help. =] ~Monica