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Jan 4, 2010

Avon!!!! (And a suggestion! The first one!)

This is Avon! Yaay! The orange and brown dress is her new underwear. I have gotten a few 'suggestions' that I need to not put them on here in their underwear underwear. So at the last minute, I drew this. lol. Not the greatest, I know, but this is what you got! haha.Her old underwear was purple, to match her flip-flops.
I hope you like the outfit! I spent about 20 minutes on that one! I was feeling really creative that night, and I hope you enjoy it. I think it is very good myself......
Please send me some outfit ideas, or some paper doll ideas. You can use pics that are already on the web, (photobucket, deviantART, or others), and send them to me useing email. (
I got a very good suggestion from Twizzler,
 ( and I uploaded it just for you! It is from and it is very nice, and I will try to make to my very best!
Twizzler is now in my A Paper Doll Blog history! She sent in the first suggestion! yaaay!