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Jan 9, 2010

AJ & Her First Outfit

This is AJ!!!! She is a good singer, and she enjoys fashion design. She has a brother and a sister and she is 14 years old. Both of her siblings are in collage.
About the red and blue outfit. I am not sure that it is going to cover up her green 'underwear'. So if it doesn't, just trim the green underdress so that it fits. I had to use t he x-acto knife to make this on her. Because I had had her in blue underwear before, and now I have gotten people asking to not put them in just underwear. I am not going to go through and fix Suzy, Sabrina The Fairy, or Kathy, and Nika is fine.  So, All of the future paper dolls will have underdresses or shorts and a tank top on instead of just their underwear. =]
I hope you like her. I have plenty more clothes for her, so come back everyday. I post every day and I haven't gone down on that promise yet. =]
Also, please send me some outfit suggestions, please comment, and come back again. ~Monica P.S. Vote in the poll!! (It's on your left!)


Denise of Ingleside said...

Monica, i have a paper doll google group , are you joined with us?
Here's the link...

Love your dolls!
Keep it up :)

Monica said...


Thank you!
I have joined as you know. Thank you for inviting me. Maybe we will figure out some of my problems that I am currently having with my blog, paper doll, etc. =]