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Jan 8, 2010

2 posts in a day (About my new coloring pencils!)

Yaayy! I got my pics uploaded into the computer-- finally!! It took SOOO long!
Ok, anyway, I got a Derwent Colorsof 24 Color set of coloring pencils. I still haven't opened the little plastic wrapper thingy. lol But they all look nice and I would like to try them out soon... but I don't want to take off the wrapper!!! Agh!
 Then I got Reeves quality watercolor pencils. There are 12. They are quite nice. I will have to post the water color pic I did.....
And then! -- the best part! I saved $13.20 dollars! (1 they were all on sale (2 I got a coupon! The lady at the counter from A.C. Moores gave me a coupon. She siad something about her starving artis's.... whatever.... But I LOVE that coupon now!! lol But now I got new coloring pencils!!!!! YAAAY!