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Jan 31, 2010

Three of Three!! MICHI!

This is MICHI!!
She loves sports. She has been on a foot ball, soccer and basket ball, swimming, and tennis team.
She enjoys soccer and backetball the most.
Plus she likes hanging out with Stacee and Phoebe too. Plus she enjoys to swim. She went to a swim camp and she was on a  profesional swimming team.

I am late I know, but.. thats ok. I will be late tomorrow too. =]
You don't have to color all the out fits. Just which ever ones you want to. The white egyptian dress is not for you to color. I colored it and I forgot to enter it in a pic. sorry. =] please enter or send me some paper doll/outfit ideas. =]
Thanks, Monica

Jan 30, 2010


Hey guys! I am here! Yaay!
I will not be able to post anything right now, but I think I will be able to tomorrow. I got my computer back and it is NOT GREEN!!! WHOO-OO!
Anyway, I am probably going to post tomorrow, but it will be kinda late. I have to go somewhere.

Jan 29, 2010

The Second Of Three!! Stacee!

This is the Second Of Three! Stacee!!
She is 15 and she enjoys going to jazz concerts and playing soccer.
She also likes to play her flute. =]
Her birthday is December 7th.

I have to go now, I know it is short, but I am in a hurry.
Also, if I do not post tomorrow it is because I do  not have my computer back yet. The video drive is going out, so thats why it's green. So... I have to take it to a person to fix it. I might get it back tonight, I might not. So, there you go.
gotta go, Monica =]

Jan 28, 2010

One of Three - Phoebe

This is Phobe and some of her clothes. I made her last year waaaaay back. lol
She is a set of three, her best friends, Stacee and Michi are coming tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. So, come back agian!
Phoebe is 13 years old. She likes to do anything, including bunjee (Is that how you spell it) jumping. She likes to go white water rafting too. She is saving up for a trip to the Grand Canon in California.
Her birthday is June 24th.
She plans to work at a national museam when she is old enough to get a job. She is part Canadian/American.

I hope you like her, even though she is one of my older dolls. =]
Please feel free to send me some paper doll outfits Ideas, or a paper doll that you have made. (I might even post it if you want me too!)
There is a new poll all the way down at the bottom of the blog!!

Jan 27, 2010


This is Marla. She lives in Georgia. She is 21 and enjoys soccer and singing.
I hope you like her. I am not sure what the trench coat is for... haha.
She is kinda odd... she is one of the older dolls I drew when I wasn't that good. The reason she has so little clothes is because she is hard to draw clothes for. Some dolls just end up that way.

I gotta go,

Jan 26, 2010

The last outfit for AJ

Click Here For Doll (AJ)
This is a night gown for AJ.
It is also the last clothing for her. If you want more clothes for AJ, please email me ( and send me some outfit ideas.
There is a little accessory!! A necklace witha key on it! Yaay! (I am  weird). haha lol
so by now you have heard of the contest, right? Well, if you haven't it's up there on the first page! It tells you how to enter and what to do. I really hope that people enter........

Jan 25, 2010

Three Clothes For AJ and a Anoucement!!

Click Here For Doll (AJ)
These are three outfits for AJ. The one is egyptian, and the other are like 2009 times. lol

There is a contest!
To enter:
You must send an email to me at and tell me that you are entering.
You must:
Print this page of clothes and color/design them. Then you email them to me. I will pick the winner. The I still have to decide what the winner will recive. If you have any ideas on that, then you can email them to me. I hope that you enter! If you have questions, please email them to me.

Jan 24, 2010

Clothes for AJ

Click Here For Doll (AJ)
This is a yellow and black out fit for AJ. Hope you like it.
Super tired.
check out this blog;
Heart and Soul and Mind
not much to say again.....
gotta go.
my mom wants the computer.
On Sundays and Mondays I will be late. =]

Jan 23, 2010

Pink Shirt and Black Pants with Green Shoes

Click Here For Doll (AJ)
This is an outfit for AJ. I don't know if I really like it. I am just not sure. It was the second out fit done for her, but I just don't think something is right.
The shirt is fine. It's the pants and the green shoes. I don't know. haha
I gotta go.
Please email me some clothes or outfit suggestions.
~ Monica

Jan 22, 2010

A Special-- Trina

This is a chibi doll done by my sister, Celena. She is 10 and is  a pretty good drawer. I decided to do a 'specail' today instead of an outfit for AJ.
Her name is Trina, and she is 8 years old. =]
I do not know if the tabs will work.... but I know that the clothes will fit. She (My sister) used my lightbox for that.
I hope you like it!
Please send me some clothes or outfit suggestions!

Jan 21, 2010

Purple Office Dress With Black Boots For AJ

Click Here For The Doll (AJ)
12:33 AM
This one is for AJ too. Not much to say about it, besides that fact that it was the first outfit for AJ.  I am in a hurry, soooo... .maybe I will post something more on this later! I gotta go, Monica

Jan 20, 2010

Another Outfit for AJ

Click Here For the Doll! !(AJ)
This is for AJ and it has a cardigan, shoes, and necklace, as you can see. I kinda copied this from a Chadwicks catalong, (lol) But I added my own touches. =]
Our computer is still green!!! lol
(It's kinda wierd.)
Thats about all I have to say, besides the fact that I would like poeple to comment on posts, vote in the poll on your left, and send me some clothes/doll suggestions. =]
I like the snadles. They turned out really good. I gotta go now,

Jan 19, 2010


Click Here For The Doll (AJ)
Hello! I am back!
Ok, I told you guys that my computer was down. It had viruses and other stuff on it. Well, the lady we took it to said that she might have to save all the files and things onto her little hardrive thinger, and then clean out the whole computer! But, she didn't have to! We got it back last night! I am so happy now!!! (but now it is green. We still need to fix that!)
This is an outfit for AJ. It is a summer outfit. (A swim suit cover-up, even though I don't have a swim suit for her!) =] this is the first outfit that I used my new coloring pencils on. I think it turned out rather well. I had designed this a loooooonnngg time ago. A really long time ago!! I also decided to put flip flops with it to 'enhance the experience'. lol
Thanks for looking and sorry for not being here a couple days.... but I couldn't help that. =] haha
Do not hesitate to send me dolls and clothes suggestions. Shirts, pants, dresses, swim suits, skirts, blouses, ball gowns, costumes, things from the 60's, 70's 80's, 90's Renaissance times, medieval times, ancient times, egyptian times, uummm... anything you can think of. Even fantasy things. Like, fairy stuff. Saris, and anything you can pretty much think of. I will take hand-drawn things, (just so it is clean and has enough detail, and if you want color, you will  have to color it, or you could just say; "red, purple and yellow put where ever you want", kinda thing.)   I will take pics off of Deviantart, photobucket, anywhere. Thanks so much and I hope I get some suggestions soon. I am quickly running out of ideas and need your help. =] ~Monica

Jan 16, 2010


Hey, people!
I have to say some things;
1) I will not be posting for awhile, because my computer has a virus and I do not have access to my pics to email them to myself. If I did, you would already see an outfit (Or doll) on the page. So, I will not be posting for while.
2) The only reason I am here right now is because I am using my brother's Mac Book Pro. =]
3) The other reason I cannot post pics on is because I do not have my pics on my brothers computer.
Soooo, there will be nothing for a couple days..... =[
So, (I know I am repeating myself,) just go and look at the other dolls and outfits and things. Do not hesitate  to email me some doll ideas, or outfits, and make sure to vote in the poll to your left.


Jan 15, 2010

A beautifull outfit for AJ!!!

Click Here For the Doll (AJ)
Yaay! look at this lovely outfit for AJ!!!! I figured I was boring you all with those drab, not-so-good outfits, so decided I put on something that was different. I think this dress turned out very well. I hope you like it. I love the colors. So pretty.
I have to go now, but I hope ythat you comment, vote in the poll to your left, and then send me in some outfit or doll ideas. And if you have any books that you like a lot, like, about fashion, how to draw clothes, dolls, people, ect, make sure to email them to me! =] And make sure to come agian! Thank you so much! Monica

Jan 14, 2010

A Summer-y Dress For AJ


Click Here for AJ (The Doll)
I'll be back This is for AJ.

Hey. I am super tired so I will keep this short. This is a summer dress for AJ. She fell in love with the purple color. =]

I hope you like it. Please send me some outfit or doll suggestions. I need them. Monica

Jan 13, 2010

Fairy dress for AJ


Click Here for Doll
For AJ. gotta go, be back later. sorry agian.

ah, here I am. lol
I simply love this dress. It's a fairy dress... not much to day, just that it is really pretty. I don't have much time, I have to go somewhere super soon, so I have to run agian. Thanks for looking! ~Monica

Jan 12, 2010

Orange dress for AJ

Click Here for Doll
A beautifull ornage dress for AJ. hope you like it. it's a spring or summer dress, or it could be a bathrobe or something. haha.Not much to say.. just that it's really cold in my house. lol
I have more clothes for AJ that are really cool. But, I need your suggestions very very very soon! So do not hesitate to send me some. Thanks, Monica

Jan 11, 2010


                                                      Click Here For doll

7:58 AM
These are for AJ. Can't talk now, Moinca (Be back later)

6:07 PM

Sorry. I had to go somewhere and so I couldn't acuratly post. lol
These two dresses are summer dresses for AJ. They  are all in coloring pencil, not regular pencil. Not much to say... um... Thats it. thanks for looking! (PLEASE SEND IN SUGGESTIONS!!!!!!!)

Jan 10, 2010

For AJ

This is for AJ.
Sorry I am late.On Sundays I will be late because I have to go to church.
about this out fit.... it's not that great./ All the clothes for AJ are drawn in just plain old coloring pencils. No pencil.
Gotta go, Monica

Jan 9, 2010

AJ & Her First Outfit

This is AJ!!!! She is a good singer, and she enjoys fashion design. She has a brother and a sister and she is 14 years old. Both of her siblings are in collage.
About the red and blue outfit. I am not sure that it is going to cover up her green 'underwear'. So if it doesn't, just trim the green underdress so that it fits. I had to use t he x-acto knife to make this on her. Because I had had her in blue underwear before, and now I have gotten people asking to not put them in just underwear. I am not going to go through and fix Suzy, Sabrina The Fairy, or Kathy, and Nika is fine.  So, All of the future paper dolls will have underdresses or shorts and a tank top on instead of just their underwear. =]
I hope you like her. I have plenty more clothes for her, so come back everyday. I post every day and I haven't gone down on that promise yet. =]
Also, please send me some outfit suggestions, please comment, and come back again. ~Monica P.S. Vote in the poll!! (It's on your left!)

Jan 8, 2010

2 posts in a day (About my new coloring pencils!)

Yaayy! I got my pics uploaded into the computer-- finally!! It took SOOO long!
Ok, anyway, I got a Derwent Colorsof 24 Color set of coloring pencils. I still haven't opened the little plastic wrapper thingy. lol But they all look nice and I would like to try them out soon... but I don't want to take off the wrapper!!! Agh!
 Then I got Reeves quality watercolor pencils. There are 12. They are quite nice. I will have to post the water color pic I did.....
And then! -- the best part! I saved $13.20 dollars! (1 they were all on sale (2 I got a coupon! The lady at the counter from A.C. Moores gave me a coupon. She siad something about her starving artis's.... whatever.... But I LOVE that coupon now!! lol But now I got new coloring pencils!!!!! YAAAY!

Last Outfit For Avon

Click Here For Doll
This is the last outfit for Avon. Please email me if you would like more outfits for her. I am not sure if this one is going to fit. Please tell me if it doesn't. Also, please send me some suggestions! I only gotten one suggestion from Twizzler, ( and it was very cool! I am still not sure which doll to make it for though.
Not much to say..... I still am having trouble with uploading pics onto my computer, so until then, no pics from my camera of my new coloring pencils.
Must go, ~Monica

Jan 7, 2010

Color-It-Yourself-Dress for Avon

                                             Click Here For Doll

The second of last outfit for Avon. I am sorry.....
I got new coloring pencils, and watercolor pencils last night, so that was really cool. I am trying to uplaod them  onto the computer so I can post them on here, but I am having some 'technical difficulties' right now.
Not much to say. I have to go, might update later. Make sure to check this blog out;
Please send me some outfit suggestions! please comment too! Monica

Jan 6, 2010

Pink Dancing Dress for Avon

Click Here For Doll
This is a dancing dress for Avon. I hope you like it (again).
not much to say.....
I fixed the pink shirt w/ pants. I put tabs on it....
I need suggestions..... please email me some.... (
Very tired.....

Jan 5, 2010

Pink Shirt and White Pants For Avon

                                          CLICK HERE FOR THE DOLL
Sorry that I am so late. I have been busy doing things. This is for Avon. I hope you like it. I used my blender on it, and it also took about 15 minutes to get the collar just right. So I hope you like that too. I am sorry about the notifacation up there on the top page. It said I would be gone from the 11th to the 17th, but there has been a change of plans and I will be there on the 11th to the 17 and beyond. lol =]
I made a link to the Avon for the clothes. I hope you have liked all the clothes I have posted so far! Please please please email me some clothing/doll suggestions! I put a link called 'Click Here For Doll' on all of the clothes for Suzy! Monica

Jan 4, 2010

Avon!!!! (And a suggestion! The first one!)

This is Avon! Yaay! The orange and brown dress is her new underwear. I have gotten a few 'suggestions' that I need to not put them on here in their underwear underwear. So at the last minute, I drew this. lol. Not the greatest, I know, but this is what you got! haha.Her old underwear was purple, to match her flip-flops.
I hope you like the outfit! I spent about 20 minutes on that one! I was feeling really creative that night, and I hope you enjoy it. I think it is very good myself......
Please send me some outfit ideas, or some paper doll ideas. You can use pics that are already on the web, (photobucket, deviantART, or others), and send them to me useing email. (
I got a very good suggestion from Twizzler,
 ( and I uploaded it just for you! It is from and it is very nice, and I will try to make to my very best!
Twizzler is now in my A Paper Doll Blog history! She sent in the first suggestion! yaaay!

Jan 3, 2010

Chena and Her Clothes

This is Chena and she is in collage. She is studying to be a pro at fashion design. lol
Her b-day is May on the 5th. She enjoys to go biking, swimming, reading, writing, and  other stuff.
I know these arn't the greatest clothes, but they are the best ones for her. I might eventually post the other clothes, I don't know. I hope you like these though. i have a new doll coming tomorrow, so I hope you like her. She has brown hair, and her name is ?Avon??? Maybe? Or it could be Isabella.... te he! I hope you come back tomorrow!! Monica   =]

Jan 2, 2010

The Last Outfits for Suzy

                                                       THE DOLL WAS DELETED PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW.
So I decided to put Suzy on again because I figured that since I didn't put link on all of Suzy's clothes linking to Suzy, that you people out there won't know where the doll is, ect. So I decided to post her again, and I can give you a tip. On the Archive spot on the right side of the blog, look for Archive, and then a link titled 'Suzy!!!" And then click it and there is Suzy the paper doll. See, not that confusing is it? lol Also, these are the last clothes for Suzy. I know I know, it's sad isn't it? But if you want more clothes for Suzy, then all you have to do is think up an outfit, and then email it to me. ( And then I will most likely make it. But do not be offended if it doesn't come right away. Happy New Years and Late Merry Christmas, and I hope you come back to my blog, commment, and vote in the poll!! ~Monica