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Dec 22, 2009

Suzy-- a springtime/summer outfit (Again) haha

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Haha. This dress/outfit/whatever-you-want-to-call-it is not the greatest out there. I hope you don't mind. I personally don't really like it myself. But this is what you got. haha. This is for Suzy. I am running out of colored clothes for her, so when you see a black and white one, don't be disapointed. I have more to color, I just need to sit down and do it!

I can't continue to make clothes if you people out there don't send me some ideas! Please, please, please, email me! Suggestions, pics, anything concering clothing or doll ideas!  (

Must go! bye!

There will be no dolls or outfits on CHRISTMAS DAY OR NEWYEARS DAY. Only if I change the rules. haha.