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Dec 19, 2009

Another outfit for Suzy!

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Haha! We have about 7 inches of snow where I live in Pennsylvainia! So I thought I would put this 'winter-ish' outfit on for today. It really isn't one of my favorites though.... Oh well. I am sooo cold!! My sister and I were working on a snow fort. It is working ok.... although I don't have a snow coat or snow boots, but I had fun and I might go back out.....
See you! Hope you come back and that you comment and vote in the poll on the left!
(If you ever wounder were Suzy is, go to the search blog box on the side of the screen and then you can type Suzy and I guess that it will bring that post up. Or you could go to Archives and look for Suzy Paper doll or something like that. I forget what I called it... oops.... haha! Come again!)

This lovely picture below is nothing specail... I personally don't really like it and I drew it.... I just thought y'all might want to see it........ ... ..... ... . . . .. ...
It's not really good... haha