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Dec 30, 2009

Suzy's All-Time Favorite

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Yay! Another faded! Now I hope you like this one! I used my Primsa Colorless Blender to make it look that way.

So all the snow is gone. There is just little ice patches in places, but it's still really cold! But we are supposed to have a new storm sometime soon. lol

This dress is a summer/springtime dress and is one Suzy's all-time favorites.

Please comment and vote in the poll, and send me some suggestions for clothes. Also print my things out! Share them with friends!

I hope you enjoy it!

Dec 29, 2009

Two Outfits For Suzy

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These are two outfits for Suzy. I used my new Prisma Colourless Blender on both of these. It gave me that blended effect on the skirt there. I like the blenders. They are so wonderful.

I hope you like them both! The one on the right is the black and white one that was with Suzy. Only I coloured it.

Please comment and vote in the poll!!

There will be no dolls or outfits on New Years Eve or New Years Day. Unles I change the rules. haha

Dec 28, 2009

More Clothes for Suzy!!

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This is a blue strapless dress for Suzy. I used my new color blender to make it look nicer. I hope you like the bangles, necklace and the designs on the top and bottom of the dress.
I love the sky-blue color. Very smashing. haha

Please comment and print them out and show friends and family. Please also suggest some outfits!
Thanks! Monica

Dec 27, 2009

A Color-It-Yourself Outfit for Suzy

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Haha! This is just quick! Sorry~! I hope you like it, even though I don't like it myself. lol It's kinda a mix of medieval, with the long, flowing wide sleeves, and then there is the 'corset' kinda thing-y there too. I hope you enjoy it!

Please comment!! On anything!

Dec 26, 2009

Suzy's 2nd Summer Outfit

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This is a summer outfit for Suzy. I hope you like the green with the color of brown.

I have more clothes for Suzy. I hope you come back again to see them! Also, please email me some suggestions!

Merry Christmas! I hope you all enjoyed it yesterday!

Dec 23, 2009

Suzy's Pink Shirt with Jeans

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Ok, ok, I know this isn't the greatest, but, it is winter-y, right? haha. It's the best I could do. I have more coming for Suzy though!
If you guys want more clothes for Suzy, you are going to have to send me some ideas! I still have clothes for her, but that is no excuse!
I hope you are enjoying the clothes so far! Please send me outfit/doll suggestions! I need some  ideas from you guys out there! Email me at! Please, please, please! Also, please comment! And the little other thingy down below the lables too! The interesting, funny, cool,  or whatever it is.
P.S. I changed the notice:
There will be no clothes/dolls on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Years Eve, and New Years Day           Unless I change the rules! haha 

Dec 22, 2009

Suzy-- a springtime/summer outfit (Again) haha

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Haha. This dress/outfit/whatever-you-want-to-call-it is not the greatest out there. I hope you don't mind. I personally don't really like it myself. But this is what you got. haha. This is for Suzy. I am running out of colored clothes for her, so when you see a black and white one, don't be disapointed. I have more to color, I just need to sit down and do it!

I can't continue to make clothes if you people out there don't send me some ideas! Please, please, please, email me! Suggestions, pics, anything concering clothing or doll ideas!  (

Must go! bye!

There will be no dolls or outfits on CHRISTMAS DAY OR NEWYEARS DAY. Only if I change the rules. haha.

Dec 21, 2009

Suzy's Summer/Spring-time Dress

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11:54 PM Once agian I will have to go and I will defenitly say more later!!

4:08 PM
haha. Sorry I am late. 
I think this dress is so pretty. I love the colors I chose. =] It also has that top that you don't see very often anymore. That grecian type. I think this is a bouncy, spring-y or summer-y dress. So pretty!

Dec 20, 2009

Suzy's Greek Dress

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10:41 AM
This is for Suzy! More later-- I have to go shovel snow!!!  Later

Dec 19, 2009

Another outfit for Suzy!

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Haha! We have about 7 inches of snow where I live in Pennsylvainia! So I thought I would put this 'winter-ish' outfit on for today. It really isn't one of my favorites though.... Oh well. I am sooo cold!! My sister and I were working on a snow fort. It is working ok.... although I don't have a snow coat or snow boots, but I had fun and I might go back out.....
See you! Hope you come back and that you comment and vote in the poll on the left!
(If you ever wounder were Suzy is, go to the search blog box on the side of the screen and then you can type Suzy and I guess that it will bring that post up. Or you could go to Archives and look for Suzy Paper doll or something like that. I forget what I called it... oops.... haha! Come again!)

This lovely picture below is nothing specail... I personally don't really like it and I drew it.... I just thought y'all might want to see it........ ... ..... ... . . . .. ...
It's not really good... haha

Dec 18, 2009

Suzy's Summer Outfit

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I know this is crazy having a summer outfit in the dead of winter, but I couldn't help it. haha.
It's looks better printed I think. The flip-flops didn't turn out as planned... but this is one of my favorite outfits! This is also for Suzy. I have more coming for her! Patience!

Dec 17, 2009

Suzy's Green Dress

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10:04 AM
haha! This is Suzy's green dress!! Nothing spectacular!! I have to go so I will update later. See you then.

5:43 PM
Whee! I am back! I made this dress who knows when... but I like it, and I hope you do to! I tried hard on shading and all that, and I hope the tabs work ok.... that is one of my concerns. So I hope you tell me if they don't work.
I hope you come back again and have a merry Christmas!!!

Dec 16, 2009


This is Suzy. She is a good girl, who follows the rules and enjoys eating Angel food cake. (lol) Her birthday is June 13 and she enjoys drawing, playing in the snow, hanging out friends, cats, and she likes to go shopping.
I drew her about three months ago, and I really like her. She has really cool hair, I think. haha.
The outfit is a shirt with a skirt and it is a color-it-yourself outfit. So go ahead and print it and color and design!

Tell me if you have suggestions, trouble printing, the tabs don't work, or anything that might not be working. =]

Dec 15, 2009

Nika's Clothes-- Red and Brown Dress

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This dress is pretty cool I think. It's colorfull, and reminds me of when the leaves are turning and things are changing to go into the dull winter colors. lol
I hope you like this dress.... it is also the last clothing for Nika. I hope you don't mind. But if you wnat more  clothes for her, send in some ideas to me at I will be happy to try and make your suggestions! Thank you! I hope you like alll the clothes so far! I will have another doll and a outfit for her tomorrow!

Dec 14, 2009

Nika's Clothes 2

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This is the third outfit for Nika.
There isn't really anything specail about these....
I have one more clothing for Nika. I will give you a hint; it's a dress. And it's red with another color....

Please email me clothing suggestions, and tell me if you have trouble printing any of the clothes or dolls.

Dec 13, 2009

Nika's Clothes 1

This is for Nika. The coat is for when she goes skiing (it's one of her hobbys) and the other is her springtime dress. I was very carefull with the coat. At first I was going to do it white, but I had made my pencil lines to dark, so I just covered it in black. =] There will be two more posts with clothes for Nika, and I hope you like them. I also have more dolls and their clothes coming, so come back again. And make sure to comment and vote in the pole.   Click Here For Doll
This pic here is a glimpse of the future. it's parts of dresses, a doll, and some shoes and necklaces are in there too. Just thought I would post that to show a little of whats coming.

Dec 12, 2009


This is Nika. She doesn't have a birthday. =] I made Nika back in June or August somewhere around that time. There will be more clothes, and you print her same way you do the others. ;  )  This outfit is one of my favorites for her... She is in her swim suit by the way. So she can go swimming. I have a lot of other great paper dolls to put on, and this is just the start. i don't know what else to say, besides she is a sportsy girl, and enjoys going to the movies with friends. Email me any suggestions!!

Dec 11, 2009

Sabrina The Fairy


     This is Sabrina. She is a fairy from the land of Mirah. She loves springtime, and the winter, and is an expert at flying through the dense forests of Mirah. She also enjoys taking orders from the Fairy King and Queen. She helpes people when in trouble and grants wishes. Sabrina also has other jobs.
   When you want to print her, just click on the picture, click file, and scroll down and click print. When she is printed, you can glue her to cardstock paper, and then begin cutting her out. You will have to cut around her shoulders and hair, (with an Xacto knife), and her side of her waist and her arm. Some other places may need to be cut, other than what I said.  =]
    I don't know if there will be more clothes for her. If you have any suggestions for clothes, just email me at

Dec 10, 2009

My First Post

This is Kathy. I know she isn't the best paper doll out there, but I have more on the way. Her birthday is September 22, 2009. (I always like to give my paper dolls b-days.) = ]
   I might make some more clothes for her, but I am still not sure. I hope you like her, and come back again! If you want to print her, just click the picture and then print it out after clicking file and then scroll down to print.