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Nov 14, 2013

Fairy Lela

This is Lela. I drew her and then colored her with water colours. 

I took the photo with my iPhone! I really like the camera! 
I'm still deciding on what to do with the blogs. :)

Oct 4, 2013



So, after a nice summer of at least one post a week, I took a break for roughly a month. Now I should be back, also just one post a week. Its manageable for me with all the activities I have going on.

I have been contemplating one thing though...

Should I move this blog?

Okay, I have two paper doll blogs. 1) That's the one you are on right now. 2) And that's the one I use for organizing everything and keeping it in a nice, easy place for you, my reader, to access.

I like both blogging/website platforms. Really I just wanted your input in the matter. Feel free to comment after you voted!


Aug 21, 2013

Vintage Styled Party Dress for Emi

Click here for Paper Doll

This is a vintage styled party dress for Emi.

Aug 14, 2013

Vintage Chic Dress for Neela Paper Doll

Click here for Paper Doll

Here is a long awaited outfit for Neela.

It is 50's inspired and I absolutely love it.

I would wear that! 

Aug 7, 2013

Mountains Drawing

This is a mountain drawing I did for school. I like it. It sort of is reminiscent of Robert Frost's famous poem The Road Not Taken.

Jul 17, 2013

Super Baby Mario and Goonie Bird Drawings

Look! It's Super Baby Mario! And a Goonie!
I love the Mario games; but these two came from Yoshi's Island for the Gameboy Advance.

Out of these two, I think my favorite would have to be...Baby Mario. It just turned out so well and it's really pleasing to me. hahaha